Fraserway heeft een uitgebreid verzekeringspakket met een laag eigen risico voor de meest voorkomende schades van 500 CAD. Let op: uitzonderingen zijn van toepassing.

Hieronder vindt u de text zoals deze door Fraserway is gepubliceerd.
De verzekeringsvoorwaarden in het huurcontract zijn bindend, onderstaande is slechts een moment opname.


FRASERWAY maintains liability coverage on all its rental vehicles to a maximum of CAD 5,000,000.00 for any bodily injury
and property damage liability claims arising from the operation or use of its rental vehicles, provided all safety instructions as
recommended by FRASERWAY have been followed. Premiums for this basic public liability coverage are included in all
rental rates, which also include premiums for collision insurance and comprehensive insurance with a deductible of CAD
$7,500.00 per occurrence. All coverage and waivers are subject to the express terms of this rental contract and of the
applicable motor vehicle insurance contract.


A collision damage reducer is available for CAD $22.00 per day to a maximum of CAD $660.00 per rental and provides the
following benefits:

- CDR coverage reduces the renter’s responsibility for collision damages from CAD $7,500.00 to CAD $500.00 per
- CDR coverage reduces the renter’s responsibility for comprehensive damage (e.g. windshield, break-in and theft) from CAD
$7,500.00 to CAD $500.00 per occurrence.
- Renter please note: A new windshield will cost between CAD $500.00 and CAD $800.00 depending on the type and
model year of the vehicle.
- CDR coverage will guarantee the renter a replacement vehicle when the renter’s vehicle becomes undrivable due to
damage, even if the renter is at fault. The replacement vehicle will be delivered to a location agreed upon by FRASERWAY
and the renter and will be dispatched within 24 hours from the time the renter notifies FRASERWAY that the renter’s
vehicle has become undrivable. Delivery will be limited to a province/state, which borders on the province in which the
renter took delivery of the renter’s vehicle. FRASERWAY will not deliver 27’ and 29’ Motorhomes to the Yukon, Northwest
Territories and Alaska. Any expenses for accommodation, food etc. are the renter’s responsibility, if damage is the renter’s
- Damages and deductibles are subject to applicable taxes.
- In case the CDR Insurance is not purchased, Fraserway reserves the right to block the full amount of the deductible on the
customer’s credit card.



Accidents / Tire damages/ Hit & Run / Animal impact Up to CAD $7,500.00 Up to CAD $500.00
Break-ins / Vehicle Theft/ Fire Up to CAD $7,500.00 Up to CAD $500.00

Glass / Windshield damage (incl. stonechips)

Up to CAD $7,500.00 Up to CAD $500.00


 The following damages are not covered by insurance and the costs of all resulting repairs are therefore the
responsibility of the renter:

- Deliberate and/or wilful damages by the renter or damages caused while driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

- Damages due to failing to maintain proper fluid levels (engine & transmission), or proper tire pressure and damages due to
the misuse of the braking system (overheating) and/or the transmission (overdrive)

- Damages due to violation of travel restrictions

- Damages to the interior of the unit (not caused by an accident)

- Damages occurring in an accident the renter has failed to report to the police

- Damage or theft of renter’s personal belongings

- Damages caused by back-up manoeuvres

Travel Restriction:

- Travel into Mexico is prohibited

- Travel in Death Valley, California, is prohibited between June 1 and August 31

- Non-public roads and off-road driving is prohibited at all times

- Fraserway does not allow the vehicle to be left unattended by renter in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa and New York.
Failure to do so will void the insurance coverage and make the renter liable in case of theft and/or damages

In the event of an accident, FRASERWAY will retain the security deposit until the motor vehicle insurance company
determines liability for the accident. If the motor vehicle insurance company notifies FRASERWAY that the renter is
not at fault, FRASERWAY agrees to reimburse the security deposit immediately after receiving notification from the
motor vehicle insurance company.